Stena Line færgen

Stena Line Færgen

Stena Line færgen

Frederikshavn Anreisen

Rejs med tog, bil, færge eller fly, alt efter din rute og dine krav til feriens transportmuligheder. Planlæg din rejse - og kom godt til og fra Frederikshavn.


When you have decided on your holiday destination and your holiday accommodation, then it’s time to decide on the content of your holiday – in other words, holiday experiences! Many of these holiday experiences will lie in the immediate vicinity of your holiday accommodation, whilst others will require transport. If you arrive in your own car, you are well set in terms of your transport needs – otherwise there are a well-developed public transport system, frequent ferry departures, tourist buses, taxis and rental cars available. 


Sail to the Land of Light from Norway or Sweden. 

You can get to Læsø by taking the ferry from Frederikshavn

Train & bus
Trains and buses take you to and around in the region.


Fly directly to Aalborg Airport from Copenhagen, Oslo, Paris or London and then onwards to the Land of Light.


If you don’t have your own car with you, you can rent a car in the Land of Light. You can also take a taxi or use the air taxi service.


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Day trips

You can supplement the region’s own attractions with day trips to Norway, Sweden and the island of Læsø, or excursions to other parts of Jutland.

Plan your trip with google maps:
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Frederikshavn Turistbureau